This is a great question and it really depends upon the dentist, their practice, and their experience. The laws in Texas say it is unethical for a dentist to guarantee their work, but we can share what we have experienced here at the Forte Implant Center:

    • Some practices routinely replace crowns every five years. We don’t see that short of life span with the work we do here at the Forte Implant Center.
    • Porcelain always has the possibility of breaking if you hit or chew the wrong thing with your tooth. This is very rare in our office, with less than a 1% chance over 15 years.
    • Some patients choose gold for back teeth, since they will not break. So far, our doctors have never had to replace any gold crowns they have done.

Our doctors have never had to redo any of their porcelain veneers or crowns unless they have fractured from trauma. We anticipate better numbers every year, and the average life span of a crown is greater than 15 years in our practice. The longevity we see in our office exceeds the norm for most practices. While this is not a guarantee, we feel that our proven track record speaks volumes about what our clients can expect.