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Before Implant Retained Hybrid Denture After Implant Retained Hybrid Denture

Implant Retained Hybrid Denture (RP-4)

One of the most common tooth replacement options used instead of full dentures. Most patients with just a few teeth remaining avoid going to a full denture. Those patients with full dentures are unhappy with their dentures because the teeth move. Dental implants allow for the attachment of a non-removable denture that functions like natural teeth and they do not move. A hybrid denture is easy to maintain, they do not come out, and you brush them like natural teeth. Treatment time can be from 3-6 months.

dent 3 dent 4

Implant Retained Bar Denture (RP-5)

If you have an existing denture that moves or have very limited bone an Implant retained bar denture may be right for you. The bar denture is designed to stabilize a denture. The dentures are removable and they snap into place when they engage the bar.

Dental Implants replacing single teeth
Dental Implant replacing single tooth

Implants Replacing Single Teeth (FP-1)

Today it is unnecessary to sacrifice the adjacent teeth to replace a missing tooth. In the past if you were missing a single tooth a bridge would be the choice of tooth replacement. Using a bridge would require anchoring the replacement tooth to the two adjacent teeth. Dental Implants replace the root part of the missing tooth and a crown is attached to the implant via an abutment.

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